Things I Speak About

I love people, process and technology — in that order. My sessions are about the fusion of those three areas to drive growth. The world is changing at a dramatic rate, and I view it as my responsibility to “make it all make sense” for business leaders and their teams. Here are the main topics I speak and teach about:


Digital Transformation

Change is constant, yet most people hate it. I love it, and I enjoy igniting change in organizations that are siloed and stuck in the past. “Agents of Change” focuses on methods and technologies that help businesses thrive in the digital era, and is ideal for leadership and marketing conferences.


Power of Storytelling

Today’s buyers are more discriminating than ever. My method uses Neuromarketing techniques combined with the power of storytelling to make an emotional connection that helps win business. “Power of Storytelling” is perfect for any marketing or sales conference, especially when content is a core focus.


Lead Management

What if 1 + 1 = 3? During my “Lead Management” sessions, I teach material from my #1 book on lead management, Manufacturing Demand. Attendees learn the key principles for how to align Sales and Marketing to drive double-digit growth with better lead collection, management and conversion.


Sales & Marketing Alignment

Buyers want to engage online 24/7, but you’re too busy fighting about lead quantity, quality and follow up. Can’t we all just get along? Yes! “Sales & Marketing Alignment” shows attendees how to become one team spanning two departments, to win the hearts and minds of customers.


Account Based Marketing

Spray-and-pray Sales and Marketing is ineffective and will only get you so far. During “Account-Based Marketing” sessions, I “Unbox ABM” for attendees and teach them the strategies, processes and technologies necessary to be more efficient in their Sales and Marketing efforts.


Entrepreneurship & Growth

Want your audience to learn the recipes for success and the pitfalls to avoid in growing and scaling their businesses? “Entrepreneurship & Growth” sessions teach attendees what’s needed to take that 2 company to 200, or transform an enterprise into a digital-native powerhouse.

Thank you again for speaking at company event David. Your insights were very thought provoking and for the first time in a while, I feel like I have a very clear direction and purpose. I can’t thank you enough!
- Patrick Sherrill, CMO | PFL
David’s ability to explain complex digital marketing and revenue strategies in simple, prescriptive ways enables our attendees to take action on what they learned from him.
- Asher Mathew, Vice President Business Development | LeanData, Inc.
David is a dynamic speaker, writer and podcast host with a unique blend of vision and real-world experience that focuses on how marketing can positively impact and drive change in business. His "Marketers as Change Agents" keynote session at B2B Game Changers was one of the most highly touted sessions this past year.
- Scott Vaughan, CMO | Integrate
The ABM session David delivered was fantastic – insightful and actionable from start to finish. He has a true mastery of digital marketing and his engaging presentation style felt like an invitation for all in the room to join him on this journey.
- Erin Peterson, VP Customer Experience | Mintigo
David is a dynamic and engaging public speaker, in fact we liked him so much we had him to keynote for us twice!
- Carnegie Dartlet, Disneryworld Florida
Not only is David an inspiring speaker, but he gave the audience tangible storytelling tools that attendees can apply to their own business or organization.
- Alexa Poulin, EVP Marketing | Carnegie Dartlet
I would highly recommend David as a speaker if you are looking for a thought provoking but actionable storytelling expert.
- Meghan Dalesandro, COO | Carnegie Dartlet