Who Is David Lewis?

David Lewis is an accomplished speaker, award-winning thought leader, host of the DemandGen Radio podcast, and author of countless works on digital sales and marketing, including the #1 book on lead management, Manufacturing Demand. As one of the early pioneers of digital marketing, David has dedicated his career to teaching others the art and science of high-performance marketing. After two decades leading marketing teams for some of Silicon Valley’s top performing companies, David founded DemandGen International in 2007 to guide other business leaders on the best strategies and technologies for driving growth.

David has blended his technology background with his passion for marketing and content creation, which makes him and his company invaluable resources for hundreds of top sales and marketing teams and leaders around the world. Under David’s leadership, DemandGen has become the trusted advisor to some of the world’s leading teams, including Apple, American Express, CenturyLink, Citrix, GE, Google, Microsoft, Medtronic, Paychex, PODS and hundreds more. DemandGen has landed twice on the Inc. 500 list for growth and has earned more than 70 awards for sales and marketing excellence since its inception in 2007.

In addition to being DemandGen’s fearless founder and leader, David is the host of the DemandGen Radio weekly podcast. David’s second book due in 2019, “Agents of Change,” provides an entertaining and insightful journey on what it takes to digitally transform your company across sales, marketing, services and product.

David Lewis

David’s Story

David’s career path began at age 11. Fascinated with technology and the introduction of personal computers, he visualized transforming his creativity and ideas into software and imagery. He designed games on his first computer — an Apple IIE — then learned that marketing his creations was even more fulfilling than coding them. It was this realization that steered David toward a career in marketing.

David has come a long way since his early obsession with computers. At Microsoft, he played a key role in launching the groundbreaking Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. Later, he moved to Silicon Valley to work with game-changing companies such as Farallon, Netopia, Ellie Mae and his first startup, Resounding — the pioneering company that introduced Internet-based voice communication that transformed multiplayer gaming and VoIP forever.

Today, David is a highly sought-after speaker and instructor of the art and science of marketing, and coaches modern marketing leaders to become digital marketing masters.

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